Re: CCS Sakura special, Music Jump

from "mackerel" <>
subject Re: CCS Sakura special, Music Jump
date Wed, 10 Oct 2001 07:47:44 +0100
On 10 Oct 2001 Hitoshi Doi wrote:

> | May be, if you encode it as divx (mpeg4), it'd be better?? i mean, it could
> | become at least 100Mb... ^^"""
> I'll try.  (but mpeg4 quality is so bad..)

Make sure you have the latest version:

Specifically for this case, try cropping out the noise at the top and bottom 
of the image which 
should give less work for the codec to do.

I had a play with it, re-encoding the mpeg to divx4.1, the size of the video 
only went to about 94 
MB. (320kbps video, 1 pass, medium speed/quality, top and bottom 8 pixels 
cropped) I then 
tried further reducing the desired bitrate to 160kbps, but the file size went 
up and it looked bad... 
I haven't played about with the other settings yet...

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