December/New Year's events?

from Jordan Derber <>
subject December/New Year's events?
date Wed, 10 Oct 2001 00:03:09 -0400
Since I will be in Japan again this December (didn't get to go to any seiyuu
events last year, unfortunately, unless you count the radio show we watched
for a few minutes at a shopping center in Kobe... these weren't anime
seiyuu, though, just radio DJs... out of curiosity, does anyone recognize
them?, if there have been any
events scheduled yet, I would be very grateful if someone would post
whatever information one knows, and if anyone hears of any other upcoming
events from now until New Year's, please post any information on those, as
well.  Just a small plea to fellow seiyuu fans, going to a seiyuu concert is
probably the thing I want to do most in Japan (touristy-type things are OK,
but I've already seen Mt Fuji and Hiroshima from the shinkansen, that's good
enough for now ^_^).  I'm not really going to be too picky, as getting
tickets and making room in my itinerary will be hard, but I suppose I'd want
to go to a Tenchi Muyo, Love Hina, or Di Gi Charat seiyuu show the most.
Kinda doubt there will be a Love Hina event, but the others are a
possibility, right?  A Megumi Hayashibara show would be great, as well, if I
would be lucky enough to get a ticket before they're sold out.  She isn't my
favorite, but I love her songs.  Thank you,

Jordan Derber

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