Re: CCS Sakura special, Music Jump

to "Seiyuu ML" <>
from "Johann Chua" <>
subject Re: CCS Sakura special, Music Jump
date Wed, 10 Oct 2001 07:37:32 +0800
Hitoshi wrote:

>Thanks to Johann for sending a VHS tape of CCS and Music Jump.
>(even though the video quality wasn't that great.. ^_^;;)

Well, the original recording was in EP, transferred to Beta (BII mode) and 
back to VHS (SP).  The CCS special was on a tape I borrowed from a friend 
so my only copy is on Beta.  The MJ episodes might do better if I copied 
straight to VHS.  Actually, I don't really need the Beta tape I copied all 
the seiyuu appearances to (including Mariko Kouda singing "Looking For", 
which was originally recorded on a bad patch of tape, so the video is 
slightly out of sync).

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