Re: CCS Sakura special, Music Jump

from "Kotono Mitsuishi" <>
subject Re: CCS Sakura special, Music Jump
date Tue, 09 Oct 2001 03:02:41 -0500
>I made a mpeg 
>I'll have the Sakurai Tomo and Kouda Mariko clips from
>Music Jump up later this week.

Thank you Mr. Doi!!  I am a big big fan of both Tomo Sakurai and Mariko Kouda.

>I have a 3Mbit version, but the file is 699MB.
>It's still over 300MB..

Have you ever heard of a program called Virtual Dub?  It might help you to 
reduce those file sizes down along with providing some other editing 
features.  You can get it free at
I've been using it this week with some pretty good results.


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