Re: [radio] Anime Express - 1997.05.31

from Joe Petrow <joepet@server.Berkeley.EDU>
subject Re: [radio] Anime Express - 1997.05.31
date Wed, 4 Jun 1997 22:20:35 -0700 (PDT)
On Thu, 5 Jun 1997, Hitoshi Doi wrote:

> Anime Express - 1997.05.31
> 3) [bomb] do a tongue twister in a sexy voice.

Would have liked to have heard Moe try this...
(does she do a sexy voice?)
> Macross Ai Oboeteimasuka will be coming out as a game for the Sega Saturn
> on 6/6.  It is a shooting game, where there will be some animation
> after one clears the stages.  The story will be an original story,
> and the voice of Lin Minmei will be done by Iijima Mari.

Is Iijima Mari doing the voice in the TV commercials?  If so, I don't
think she sounds like Minmei anymore at all...

/------------\    Carry on, anata ni aenai ashita nante    /-------------\
|  Ma   rin  |        Nemuru koto sae kiga toukute         |  Toyoshima  |
|    chi     | Carry back, kioku no  zenbu wo hirogenagara |   Machiko   |
\------------/ Ichiban kagayaku takaramono da ne, anata ha \-------------/

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