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Anime Express - 1997.05.31
  Matsumoto Rica
  From Me to You (Matsumoto Rica)

Tomo talked about wrinkles.  Tomo said that one had to be careful and
take care of oneself to not get too many wrinkles on the face and neck.
Tomo's mother is very careful, and is always telling Tomo to be careful.
In the winter Tomo's mother always wears a scarf, but Tomo doesn't like
to wear scarfs, or have anything covering her neck, because she looks
fat that way.

The guest was Matsumoto Rica.  Tomo and Rica met each other for the first
time in Shamanic Princess.  They also worked together in Ganbarist Shun.
When they first met, Rica had long hair, but now Rica has very short hair.
Tomo asked why Rica had cut her hair.  Rica laughed and said that there
were many reasons.  She said she always wanted to cut it.  Tomo said that
she wanted to try cutting her hair, but she doesn't have the courage to.
Rica said that she has seen Tomo wearing hats, and she looks good, so it
shouldn't be a problem.  But Tomo was still scared.

In the "my boom" corner, Rica said that her shoulders got stiff a lot.
At the studio where they record Ganbarist Shun, there was a massage
chair, and Rica was always sitting in it.  Tomo also gets stiff shoulders,
and she said she sat in that chair too.  Rica said that she wants a
boy friend who would give her a massage every night.

Rica was also crazy about dogs.  She collected many dog goods.
Also when she was little, she slept inside the dog house, and her
parents thought that she was missing and called the police.
In Rica's current CD jacket, she took a picture with her dog, Kelly,
a shetland sheep dog named after one of the characters that she does
the voice for in a TV drama dub.

Rica also likes perfume.  Tomo said that Rica always had the same perfume
at the Ganbarist Shun recordings, so she can tell when Rica was coming.

The questions in the "MD doki doki roulette" corner were:

1) favorite male talent?
Rica didn't have any.  Tomo asked her what type of guys she liked,
and Rica said she liked kind guys.

2) what is something that you just can't forgive?
Rica said smoking.  She hates it when people walk and smoke.

3) [bomb] do a tongue twister in a sexy voice.
Rica said that she wasn't good at tongue twisters, but did one
that was written down.

Rica recently released a CD [single?] called "From Me to You".
She's going all over for the campaign, and she will have a signing
session at Animate Kawagoe on 6/8.

Also on 6/22 there will be an event at the Mitsukoshi in Ginza [13:00].
It will have some Pocket Monster corners and Rica will also sing.

Then they played "From Me to You".

In the "recipe" corner, Tomo read one recipe, a fruits fried rice.

The next corner was the "Jouhou Express" corner by Sugawara Aya.
Aya said that she likes to sing "Fight" by Nakajima Miyuki at karaoke.

The magazine Seiyuu Grand Prix is known for it's pictures, but there
are also many corners and essays by the seiyuu.  Hidaka Noriko,
Furumoto Shinnosuke, and others have corners.

Tamura Yukari (who did Passel in Macross Generation) will have her
second single going on sale, "Kagayaki no Kisetsu".
This is also the theme song to Shibuya de Chu.

Macross Ai Oboeteimasuka will be coming out as a game for the Sega Saturn
on 6/6.  It is a shooting game, where there will be some animation
after one clears the stages.  The story will be an original story,
and the voice of Lin Minmei will be done by Iijima Mari.
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