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True Love Story - 1997.05.22
  Ashita Yuuki wo Dashite (Katsuragi Ayane/Kikuchi Shiho)
  True Love Story Soyokaze no Orugooru part 3

The opening telephone call was by Katsuragi Ayane.

Shiho and Haruna received silk pajamas from a group of 30 listeners.
They read all the names of the people who contributed.
They said that they would wear this next month.

They said that there were some people video taping them for
the TV show Shibuya de Chu.
Shiho was going to be a guest on that show.
(Haruna is one of the assistants.)

Haruna and Shiho read some letters.

Some highlights from the "keyword" talk corner:

siblings: Shiho has one little sister, but she always wanted an older
 brother.  Haruna said that she also wanted an older brother.  Haruna
 has a younger sister who is somewhere abroad now.

signatures: Haruna thought that there would be someone who would
 create her signature for her.  But one day she was suddenly asked
 to do a signature.  So she was surprised, and then she though a lot
 at home about her signature.

The OP and ED songs to this radio show are
"Ashita Yuuki wo Dashite" (by Katsuragi Ayane/Shiho) and
"Rururun Girl" (by Amano Midori/Haruna).
The CD will go on sale 5/21.

Then they played "Ashita Yuuki wo Dashite".

The drama was True Love Story Soyokaze no Orugooru part 3.
Goto Ikumi (Toyoshima Machiko) appeared for a little bit in this story,
in addition to  Ayane, Midori, Nozomi, Hayakawa, and Ohsuga.
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