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Game Dra Night - 1997.06.01
  Koe wo Kikasete (Nakoruru)
  D-Xhird first destiny

It was "request night", where they played listener requests as the BGM.

There were a couple psychological tests sent in by listeners,
and Kyoko and Takehito answered them.

Q: Why did you become a seiyuu?
Takehito: It's too long a story..
Kyoko: It's a long story, but I thought it would be fun.

Then they played "Koe wo Kikasete" by Nakoruru,
from the Neo Geo DJ Station CD.

The drama was D-Xhird (ディ・サード) first destiny,
based on a 3D fighting game.

[After the drama there is a CM for Inoue Kikuko's Onee-chan to Issho.
 Kikuko "sings" the commercial.. VERY cute.]
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