Buying out Girls Be

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from Joe Petrow <joepet@server.Berkeley.EDU>
subject Buying out Girls Be
date Mon, 2 Jun 1997 22:35:00 -0700 (PDT)
I now have four copies of the upcoming Girls Be maxi single reserved!

Two at Ishimaru (June 29th events at 1:00 and 3:00)
One at Dynamic Audio (2 photographs included)
One at some Animate near Osaka (July 6th event)

So if anybody is coming to Japan to visit this summer, they probably
know what gift they are getting from me now.  (^_^;)

My itenerary is finally starting to fill up...

  June 4th             Interop
  June 8th             Joshi Puroresu in Yokohama
                       (there's a Nadeshico event with Kuwashima Houko
                        this day, but I committed to this a month ago)
  June 14th            Maybe some insane gaming and what not (??)
  June 15th            Tange Sakura "Make You Smile" event (maybe)
  June 28th            Comic Market
  June 29th            Girls Be in Akihabara
  July 6th             Girls Be in Osaka (may make a weekend of it)
  July 10th - 21st     Brief return to reality in America.
  July 25th            Kouda Mariko Concert

/------------\    Carry on, anata ni aenai ashita nante    /-------------\
|  Ma   rin  |        Nemuru koto sae kiga toukute         |  Toyoshima  |
|    chi     | Carry back, kioku no  zenbu wo hirogenagara |   Machiko   |
\------------/ Ichiban kagayaku takaramono da ne, anata ha \-------------/

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