Re: [JP rankings] New #1!

from Joe Petrow <joepet@server.Berkeley.EDU>
subject Re: [JP rankings] New #1!
date Sun, 1 Jun 1997 21:30:55 -0700 (PDT)
On Mon, 2 Jun 1997, Hitoshi Doi wrote:

> Drew wrote:
> | Michael: 
> | > If the others haven't changed, then Machiko must have jumped in from
> | > outside the top ten and thrown someone else out. Who is gone?
> Joe's old number 1.

> | I must admit that I was a bit surprised myself to realize that Machiko
> | had jumped so high in Hitoshi's rankings.  Personally I don't think
> | that she's nearly as worthy as Houko.
> It's not voice..  I admit I like Houko's voice better than Machiko's.
> There's a lot of other factors involved, and it can change depending
> on pictures I see, what I hear on the radio, etc..
> I think I put the most weight on their personality,
> as best as I can judge.

I can't let you off that easily!  What is it about Machirin that moved
her up to #6?  Before you said you didn't like her personaility ("Too
genki" I believe were your words...)

And why is it still "Machiko"?  Nogami Yukana is only somewhere in your
top twenty, and she's still "Yukanyan" to you...
> | Perhaps once I'm back in Tokyo
> | I'll have more chance to investigate Machiko and find out what the
> | hype is about.
> You can borrow the MDs if you want. (^_^)

If he can find them.  (^_^;)

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