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[I'm basing this on a video of the someone playing the game,
 not the game itself.. ^_^;]

センチメンタル・グラフティ ファースト・ウィンドウ

Sega Saturn
2980 yen (tax not included)
released 1997.04.11
total time: around 1 hour 30 minutes

This is a limited edition, collector's data CD-ROM for the Sega
Saturn. Only 30,000 CD-ROMs were made. It contains image data and
movie files to introduce the game, Sentimental Graffiti.

The contents are as follows.

  * video clips of the Sentimental Graffiti audition
  * message video clips by the Sentimental Graffiti seiyuu
  * color character images
  * monochrome setup drawings

I hear this game sold out right away, and the few that are available
in stores are marked up very high..

video clips of the Sentimental Graffiti audition
This is a 17 minute video showing highlights of the final round of the
Sentimental Graffiti audition, which took place on January 19, 1997.
This game has 12 girls, and 6 of them have professional seiyuu, and
the other 6 have new seiyuu, chosen by audition. There were 1428 girls
who auditioned for the 6 roles, and the final round had 18 candidates.

This video clip only showed the 6 girls who were eventually chosen:
Okada Junko, Nishiguchi Yuka, Okamoto Asami, Makishima Yuki, Suzuki
Urarako, and Konno Hiromi. The narration of this video was done by the
6 other seiyuu: Toyoshima Machiko, Suzuki Mariko, Maeda Ai, Oda
Michiko, Yonemoto Chizu, and Mannaka Yukiko. Kamiya Akira was one of
the judges in the audition.

They showed some clips of the contestants in the dressing room,
nervously waiting their turn.

Each of the contestants had to walk through the crowd to the stage, do
a self introduction, and then do voices of two of the Sentimental
Graffiti characters.

Then they showed the 6 girls being announced as the winners, and the
other 6 girls also appeared to give them flowers, and take a group

message video clips by the Sentimental Graffiti seiyuu
There are short messages by all 12 of the Sentimental Graffiti seiyuu.
Each message is around 30 seconds.

Maeda Ai has her hair made up like her character Emiru. (^_^)

color character images
This section has color pictures of each of the Sentimental Graffiti
girls. When you select the girl, there is some music BGM, and a few
pictures of each girl are shown. Each girl is around 2 minutes 30

There were also a few color group shots containing three of the girls
in each picture.

monochrome setup drawings
This section has monochrome line drawings of each girl. Some of the
girls have more pictures than others, including face shots, body
shots, and a few different outfits. Some of the girls are around 1
minute, but others are around 3 minutes.

There are also a few drawings of various items.
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