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> << >    Asuka:  "Arrrgh!  I didn't mean for you to get THAT up!"
>  >    Shinji:  "It's morning!  I gotta take a whiz, or something..">>
> these two are from the sub of episode 24 in an alternate reality

Actually, it's epsidoe 26 that those are from. 24 is the Karou episode.

> wel lets see ehre i've known the ending (in fact the exact ending save for
> the final quote) since about a month after the movies came out in japan
> it didn't ruin my enjoyment of it, hell had i not known what happened at
> end it probly would have pissed the living hell out of me since all in all
> its a very terrible ending for a series to have since it destroys any
> of a sequal or anything.

Well, at least we agree on that point. :) I thought the ending was terible

As for BGC and Eva being in the same category for spoilers: BGC is years
older than EVA and all the epsiodes have been available in the US for years.
Eva has just finished it's TV series release here less than a year ago and
the movies are not redily available to the US market (fansubs will only
reach a small portion of the fanbase).

Think of this way: People know BGC here... but if someone mentioned the
ending or critical plot eventsrr to the BGC2040 TV series before ADV
releases it here, would you be pissed? I would.

Spoilers are going to happen on MLs and newsgroups, but we can't we at least
*TRY* to avoid them when we can? I agree there might have been a enough
warning for people to avoid it, but the traditional:
spoiler space works so much better to catch a person's eye.

My last note on this subject is: I just wanted to ask you to be careful
about spoilers. If it came of as being a command or a threat, then I'm sorry
you took it that way.

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