in the face, Loving P-chan, Eva and spoilers

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subject in the face, Loving P-chan, Eva and spoilers
date Wed, 02 Jun 1999 15:39:39 -0400

>Okay! I give! Fine! No mas!  And a hearty "Not in the face"! 

I'm workin' for Mel Brooks!


>        I think Appearance just falls into the general weird fanfic genre.  I
>remember WebDragon wrote Akane Loves P-Chan after that...

I got a kick out of that one.  I've often wanted to 'love' P-chan in that
fashion myself.  So that was his motivation?


>Eva has reached the same point as other series such as BGC.  Nobody 
>worries about BGC spoilers, because it's simply assumed that people who 
>want to see it, either have seen the entirety or have read up on it on 
>the internet.

But didn't we have someone here who unsubbed about a year ago because of
unlabeled Eva spoilers?  I heard that secondhand, because I was away myself
at the time.

I'll have to disagree with you on the Internet part.  It's easy to think
that way if you yourself are on the Net, and talk to a lot of people on the
Net- but that screws up your sample population.  There are lots of people
who don't want to be spoiled until they have the episode in their own
hands, or don't have the Net as a resource for fansubs and the like.

As an example, the person who intro'd me to anime is pretty well-informed,
but only about what has been commercially released here already.  He has no
desire to go on the net for spoilers, and makes me shut up if I start
drifting into future topics.


><< >    Asuka:  "Arrrgh!  I didn't mean for you to get THAT up!"
>>    Shinji:  "It's morning!  I gotta take a whiz, or something..">>
>these two are from the sub of episode 24 in an alternate reality

You mean dub. 

>>    Asuka:  "Don't point it at me, you jerk!"
>>    Rei: "What? Are you riding his baloony pony?"
>Must be dubbed lines.  I don't recognize any of 'em >>
>the other two i dotn recognize either but the last one may be what rei says 
>in the alternate reality at begining of class

If you didn't recognize them, how could you say they were from the sub?

For the record:  My set of quotes was when Asuka was trying to wake Shinji
up in the 'alternate reality', jerks the sheets off of him, and discovers
he has 'morning wood'.  The 'Don't point it at me!' is harder to hear,
because the scene has moved to Gendo and Yui in the kitchen, and Asuka is
shouting faintly in the background.

Shadow's 'BoloGNA pony' is what Rei says to Asuka when she defends Shinji.
I believe it's just 'Are you two doing it?' in the sub.

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