Anime canonity; Spoilers; Sexism

from ""Chi-boy" Robert Owens" <>
subject Anime canonity; Spoilers; Sexism
date Wed, 02 Jun 1999 05:12:39 -0400
Alright, just thought I'd put my opinions in real quick.  I am prepared for hate mail
since I've had my first truly good day in a couple of weeks and I actually have TWO
days off this week for the first time in 5 weeks! So in order to balance out his outburst
of good luck I wish to get into the middle of some arguments.  (Even if they are getting
First off:

The anime can be used as 100% proof! *Hating me yet?*  It's 100% canon!  *Bring it
on*  It's the exact translation and it completely represents the intended vision.
Of Viz.  And although I have no chance of getting any manga version of Ranma, there
is no way I can say that the anime should be held over or up to the original manga.
Last I checked this was the Ranma ML, not the Viz Video presents Ranma ML.


I'm gonna stay right down the line on this one.  I was fairly dissapointed about the
spoilers, but being as I have a memory span that puts Reagan to shame, I don't think
I'll remember what they are when I get down the line of the series.  There was fairly
sufficient warning in the effect of:  "...I just watched eps.... and...", but a (spoilers
ahead)instead of... would've worked nicely at the end of "...episodes 20-24 the movie
End of Eva and the other movie Death and Rebirth and i must say....".

Uh oh... this ML is getting serious and deep, better run away while I still have the
chance.  Finally, sexism and anime:

This debate, though actually it isn't much of a debate here since no oppostion has
been brought up, is all because of my sworn enemies.  The people who take things too
seriously.  Though some animation may, and should be, considered somewhat sexist it's
all for either fun and enjoyment or to get an author's/artist's
opinion across.  (Since this is the Ranma ML I'll have to include ying and yang to
the regret of many others)  If you want to talk about this topic, you have to think
of the ying and yang of the Japanese society.  With the prototypical business personnel
by day, enjoyers of life by night lifestyles.  Animation is just another release that
expresses the views of a portion of the society.  It's the same as any movie or sport
and in a more complex way, political party speeches/agendas and groups invoking change.
All of these groups stand for the same things.  Enjoyment of life.  Though each may
appeal to the public in different ways, they are all interested in making life, as
they see it, better and more enjoyable.  The message to all those serious people out
there: "Relax.  Enjoy.  Take a vacation."

Now that was all off the top of my head, so if there's a part that isn't in order,
doesn't make sense, or just plain doesn't fit, I'm sorry.  I've gotta get to workin'
on my business now.  This was only supposed to be a ten minute break.  And I've still
got a lot to do before I get back to work.  Whoops.

Robert Owens: All that jazz I've put before.

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