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date Wed, 02 Jun 1999 00:20:24 -0700
> Do you just exist to make us angry?  Do us all a favor and read the faq.
> I may be wrong, but I'm almost certain there's a clause in there about
> manga superiority.

	The people who did the Anime didn't really care about the continuity
and character prototypes that RT made.  They can write their own story
if they want but it frankly just isn't that good, which is why I don't
really care about it.  Actually it might be easier if they just created
new characters and storyline completely, but then they're supposed to
remain faithful, so you end up with something that's neither faithful
nor completely new, which sucks.  

> regardless of how the evidence may support the theory.  Fanfiction is
> even worse.  _Never_ bring evidence into an argument from fanfiction.

	Hey, people tell me my fanfiction sounds like what may happen in Ranma
1/2. :)
	It's bad to bring in fanfiction over existing situations.  It wouldn't
be that bad over new situations.  I've been thinking about what Akane
does when she's not with Ranma.  I'm willing to look into fanfiction for
some thoughts and ideas on this topic, since it's not given in the
manga.  The problem is that most fanfic don't deal with new situations.

> 'Bye all!  Off to the world of matrices and eigenvalues...

	Eigenvalues are cool.  Nevermind we learn it the last week of the
class.  Our professor was more interested in all kinds of weird stuff
that didn't have anything to do with Linear Algebra.

Don, who needs to write a bit faster than 50 hours for 10 pages.  Being
perfectionist sucks.
"In her pictures she captures everything:  forest, water, light... the
very essence of life..."

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