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from "Jim Lazar" <>
subject Re: to U2R
date Tue, 01 Jun 1999 21:39:15 -0700
> From:

>>You really shouldn't post spoilers to Eva like this (especially on a Ranma
> sounds like a threat to me..

Boy, if that's threatening to you I think you need to relax and take a
chill pill.

This is threatening (is just an example, so don't go ballistic):

"If you ever mention Eva on this ML again, I'll slit your throat!"

> but soemthing you should realize
> the end of eva has been discussed here a lot in the past,

I realize that. There are many topics that come up. Most of them are not
spoilers like describing the last scene of End of EVA is. I just made a
simple suggestion and apparently you took it badly.

> now i dont know
> exactly how long youve been here but i've been here as long as colin
> has(which i forget exact years at moment) but there is this thing caled
> friendship on this ml and the ability to discuss other topics.

How does saying 'bite me jim' constitute friendship? I never said you
couldn't discuss Eva, FY, IY, or whatever... I just made a simple request
that you refrain from spoiling End of EVA on a mailing list that has
nothing to do with EVA for those who might not have seen it or heard
about it.

If this was an EVA ML, then I'd say it would be likely most of the
subscribers would know the ending, because I'm sure it gets talked about
over and over on EVA MLs.

But this is a Ranma ML, so I doubt the same holds true. There are
attempts to hide the ending of the Ranma 1/2 manga on  this ML, but given
enough time on the ML, it will probably sneak into various conversations
and people will find out what happened at the end. I accept that since
its a Ranma ML (when I first joined, I didn't know the ending of the
manga... I have since picked up the Japanese volume and read it via
translations). I don't expect to see Eva spoilers on a Ranma ML, so it's
a different matter. If someone suddenly blurted out the ending to a
series I hadn't seen, I would be pissed... so I was just asking that you
be careful for the benefit of other subscribers (thats a little more
friendly that saying 'bite me' to people).

You could have just said "The ending scene on the beach really made me
laugh." Those who knew the ending would have understood, those who didn't
wouldn't have had anything spoiled.

> all i did was say my thoughts on it.

And described the last scene in a way that someone who didn't know how it
ended would have the ending spoiled. I know because some time before I
saw the fansub of EofEVA I heard the exact things you mentioned in your
first post. And it did lessen my enjoyment of the movie since I knew what
things were leading up to.

> aparently me being here for as long as i have doesn't mean shit nowadays
> since everyone that knows me is either gone lurking or ceased to exist.
> makes me wonder why the hell i'm still subbed.

You're very good at swearing, I'll give you that.

But why should you being on this ML for a long time mean that I can't
politely mention that begin a little more careful? Did forgetting to bow
and grovel at your feet make you mad?

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