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date Tue, 1 Jun 1999 22:41:26 EDT
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<< It wasn't spoiled for me... I've seen End of EVA, but I'd have to guess
 that not everyone on the ML has. And I seriously doubt every EVA fan
 knows the final scene since the movies aren't commercially available yet
 in the US.
 The fact that this is a Ranma ML even makes it worse, since people
 shouldn't really expect to see big spoilers for Eva as they might be
 expecting on a EVA ML.
 BTW, no need to curse... I just made a suggestion that you be careful to
 avoid spoilers. Especially EVA spoilers on a Ranma ML. >>

sounds like a threat to me..
but soemthing you should realize
the end of eva has been discussed here a lot in the past, now i dont know 
exactly how long youve been here but i've been here as long as colin 
has(which i forget exact years at moment) but there is this thing caled 
friendship on this ml and the ability to discuss other topics. 
all i did was say my thoughts on it. 
there was definatly enough room between hey i just finished watching 
blablabla to the little spoiler(and no offense but i think at least 90% of 
eva fans know the end regardless if they have seen it) for anyone who didn't 
want to know anything about the movie to scroll on by.
so if you dont like it i dont care. cause i thought that i knew people on 
this ml enough that i could talk about other stuff then just ranma. and since 
i know a lot of the vets have seen the series it seemed like it was ok to say 
my take on it. and again if you dont like that watch me not give a shit.
aparently me being here for as long as i have doesn't mean shit nowadays 
since everyone that knows me is either gone lurking or ceased to exist.
makes me wonder why the hell i'm still subbed.
pissed off
fucking mad
likes tekkens anime soundtrack(english one with offspring corrosion of 
conformity and so on)
and still ticked

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