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from The Newcomer <>
subject Re: ranma ML 1 hour matome okuri
date Wed, 02 Jun 1999 14:35:48 +0000
> 		Well I can tell Newcomer does not like the works of Richard 
> Lawson very much. Though I do think Brad is right and you are confusing "Thy 
> Inward Part" with "Thy Outward Part" I actually think "Thy Inward Part" is 
> one of the best Ranma and Akane fic around and it's sequels are very good to.
Nope. Ranma being stuck as a girl was a fine 'what if' fic, and was 
reasonably  well structured, and not particularly depressing at all, 
despite its nature.
And I will not stop in my hatred of 'that-other-fic'.


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