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date Tue, 1 Jun 1999 16:29:40 -0700 (PDT)
Benzaiten & Vyxqui:

Benzaiten with:

>No, that would be Mousse. "Sir, please put all metal objects 
>on your person in this dish." "Uh. . .that dish ain't gonna 
>cut it. Got an empty hangar handy?" Reminds me of the scene 
>in "Airplane" where the guy hands over his keys, his watch, 
>his stainless-steel prosthetic limbs. . .

Vyxqui follows through with an elbow to ye old soft tissue with a side

>I'd say second last.  Mousse carries more metal than Kodachi, I'd say.

Okay! I give! Fine! No mas!  And a hearty "Not in the face"! Kodachi's
second to last then. Can't refute both Airplane refs *and* Viksquees.  


Robert Owens:

<snip Blockbuster rant>

Arrgh!  Okay! Okay! Kuno don't go to Blockbuster!  Wow. 0 for 2.  It
would seem my mad debate skillz are in actuality non-existant.  This
does not bode well for my upcomin "Taste great/Less filling" debate.
Need to make more index cards, definately more index cards...

>Since Sasuke is anime-only, does this make all the eps. he's appeared
>in null and void?  Or is it just the parts where he appears?

Just were there's a conflict in plotline.  But you should be able to
talk about him in Anime-Only plots relatively unmolested. Well unless
you name is Macaulay Culkin and you're talking about it at Michael
Jackson's place...*shudder*


>Yeah Ranma loves Akane soo much. From "One Grew over the Kuno's nest"
>::Ranma pushes Akane toward Kuno:: " Okay, here's the plan Akane, you
>go first and while he's grabbin' at ya and stuff ; I'll shove some
>beans down the bird's mouth and then...." ^_^ Now Ryouga would never
do >that to Akane. 

Hey good point!  That scene was very in character for the insensitive
yet incredibly funny Ranma. Which begs the question, "Who would love
Akane more in a full blown, both sides admit their true feelings, knock
down drag out motocross relationship?"  

>I believe that this belief that if it didn't happen in the manga, it
>doesn't matter is a load of crap.

Indeed! It's not like they changed the name to the "Animated Adventures
of Panda-man and Androgynous Lad" or something. Same characters, same
personalities, same wo ai ni tootin', "I must have them both" spewing,
all around hi-jinks.  When your talking about storylines though the
Manga takes precedence as the Anime often makes changes to the original
arc, sometimes good, sometimes bad, so if you're reffering to an Anime
throw up a disclaimer or something so there's no confusion and there
should be no problems.  But in cases where Akane said "2+2=4" in both
media, arguing about cannonity is redundant.  Ooo! Redundant! Triple
word score!!! 


>Boss: What is the privates weapons serial number.
>Me: SIR. the privates weapons name is RYOKO, SIR!

Ha! Let's not forget the drill instructor! He's the second funniest guy
in that movie!

"Oh...don't make any ****ing effort to get to the top of the obstacle
Private Pyle!  If god had wanted you up there he would have parachuted
you up there by now wouldn't he Private Pyle?!  I bet if there was some
****y at the top you'd make it up there just fine wouldn't you Private

Ah well, good luck to you during your tour of duty. Take care of
yourself and stay out of the line of fire and off of your superior
officer's bad side. ^_^


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