Re: Bradster and Newcomer

subject Re: Bradster and Newcomer
date Tue, 1 Jun 1999 17:22:33 EDT
Bradster writes:

   Asuka:  "Arrrgh!  I didn't mean for you to get THAT up!"
   Shinji:  "It's morning!  I gotta take a whiz, or something.."
   Asuka:  "Don't point it at me, you jerk!"

		My favorite qoute from this episode is Rei's "What? Are you 
riding his baloony pony?"

		Well I can tell Newcomer does not like the works of Richard 
Lawson very much. Though I do think Brad is right and you are confusing "Thy 
Inward Part" with "Thy Outward Part" I actually think "Thy Inward Part" is 
one of the best Ranma and Akane fic around and it's sequels are very good to.

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