MR - Vyxqui, Bradster, 3434, Jade, Matt

subject MR - Vyxqui, Bradster, 3434, Jade, Matt
date Tue, 1 Jun 1999 04:59:47 EDT

>  Again, I'm sorry for this, but... It was just THERE! (At least I didn't
>  continue, and go into the Hawley-Smoot Tariff)

Just so you know, you're personally responsible for making me drag that book 
out and re-reading it (and 2 of my other Dave Barrys subsequently).


>Gaaah.  That means there's enough material for 3 more GNs that Viz is
>holding out on us. :p

Those bastards!


>I believe that this belief that if it didn't happen in the manga, it doesn't 
>matter is a load of crap.  Truth be told the anime is what got more than 50% 
>of Ranma fans interested in Ranma in the first place.  The anime is 
>from the manga yeah; but that doesn't mena it doesn't matter.

Yes, but in some parts the anime completely strays from the original 
material, as written by Takahashi.  It's a signifigantly different 
interpretation, and no matter how many people first experienced the anime, 
that doesn't make it right...  Besides, the anime pales in comparison to the 
manga (IMO).


>Well, if you ask SOME people, all anime is null and 
>void, anyway. I don't. I say that episodes and issues 
>are all correct . . . unless it's the same story, but 
>told slightly different in the anime. (They've ruined 
>more good manga stories that way . . .)

Becky, if you re-read that, you just made a pretty good case for the canonity 
(is this a word?) of the manga!  ^_^  (If the episode is virtually the same 
as the manga, there's no cause for complaint...)


>For those of you who don't remember me, this is good 
>ol' Matt Newkirk. Yes, Matt Newkirk. Matt...Newkirk. 

Welcome back, Matt/Don!  You were the one who had "Matt (or Don!) Newkirk" in 
the header, right?

Brad, to Newcomer:

>Do you have this rant saved as a text file?  This is like the 3rd time
>you've informed us of this, though in your favor it's the first time it's
>actually been somewhat topical, what with TOP being the next fanfic to be

Not that he could have waited 'til next Tuesday or anything, of course.  <end 

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