Re: Kikuko is getting married?

from Chunter <>
subject Re: Kikuko is getting married?
date Thu, 04 Apr 1996 20:10:55 +1000
Hitoshi Doi wrote:
> Chris Lee, or Skuld, at writes:
> | Hi I've heard that Inoue Kikuko has announced that she's going to get
> | married in May or something? Anyone can provide more info on this?
> The people on the seiyuu ML already, know, but..  Yes.
> She announced on the final broadcast of her radio show that
> she was going to get married in May.
> I'm still not over it yet..  (^_^;)
> My body has refused food for the last 2.5 days..
> She said that she would still continue to work as a seiyuu,
> although she has refused all new TV series this spring.
> She will continue with her current regular series (Saint Tail),
> and the OAVs (Gundam, Voogie's Angel, etc).
> I already translated her final broadcast, and posted it to the
> seiyuu ML.  I can mail it to people who want to see it.
> P.S. Do the people of this ML want to send her a congratulations
>  message?  A happy wedding card or something?
>  If I agree to gather all of your messages, who would be interested?
> P.S.S. I'll probably do this for the seiyuu and Ranma MLs too.
> --
> Hitoshi Doi, Toshi Nibunnoichi                        
> half a UFO catcher doll, half a cel          801 tactical training squadron
Me too !!! count me in !

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