My watch! In the manga!

from (lg - Loyd Goodbar)
subject My watch! In the manga!
date Tue, 02 Apr 1996 03:41:03 GMT
Wierd stuff. I finally got around to ordering more manga from UCI (yea
for thier new supplier) and now have vols 1-4. Not to say I can
remotely read or understand Japanese... 

Anyway in vol 1, chapter 8, page 158, panel 2 (is this specific
enough?), I had that watch Megumi's wearing. Casio, I think. Of
course, that was in 1988 and my first year at university.

I thought it was really interesting to see something in the manga I
actually had, here in the States.

Random thoughts. Yes, Fujishimasan's art was a bit rough in Chapter 1,
but it improvely quickly throughout the first volume. 

As for the stories, I didn't realize the anime and manga were *that*

On the waning of this ML, I think it may have reached an equalibrium
point. But I too miss the days of 50-80 posts per day. Then again,
more is not necessarily better. :)

Just being random,
 - lg -

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