Re: Kikuko is getting married?

from Wayne/Melissa Simms <>
subject Re: Kikuko is getting married?
date Mon, 1 Apr 1996 08:05:53 -0600
At 03:27 PM 4/1/96 +0900, Hitoshi Doi wrote:

>I'm still not over it yet..  (^_^;)
>My body has refused food for the last 2.5 days..

        Kikuko-san seems to mean a lot to you, so I am happy for her but a
little sad for you.  Don't forget to eat, though!

>She said that she would still continue to work as a seiyuu,
>although she has refused all new TV series this spring.
>She will continue with her current regular series (Saint Tail),
>and the OAVs (Gundam, Voogie's Angel, etc).

        Any word on whether she will continue to *sing* as well?

>P.S. Do the people of this ML want to send her a congratulations
> message?  A happy wedding card or something?
> If I agree to gather all of your messages, who would be interested?

        *YES* *YES* *YES*!  I would *certainly* be interested in wishing her
well for her wedding.  She is a part of several anime that I like, and I
would love to communicate even a fraction of how much I am happy she is a
seiyuu and that she is getting married.  Thanks for the offer, and consider
me a vote for *YES*!

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