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subject Re[2]: Quiet Times
date Mon, 01 Apr 1996 15:50:46 +0200 wrote :

> Also how about the Fan Fiction around the net?  I very much enjoyed "OH =
> MY GOD" by Brett Handy.  What do the rest of you think of this or other =
> Fan Fiction?  Those of you who haven't read it can download it from =
> various places, including Peter Ward's Urd Shrine WWW page.

I read only part 1-2-3 of Brett Handy's story  so I can't give my opinion right now..

however,generally,I like the way of writing and making plots of Keith Dawe (aka
Omega) and,also,I guess I was one of the few who were really nuts about Loyd's 
Goodbar 'vignettes'..

>  I have one request, does anyone have a copy of 'Back to Skuld' that
>      they can either post on the ML or e-mail direct, I would appreciate
>      it.  Until next time, Later  ^_^

I have a copy of it but I'm not sure if this is complete 'cause I hadn't time to read
yet (it's very long,about 300-400kb) I could send it to you anyway,that's right?

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