RE: Quiet Times

subject RE: Quiet Times
date Mon, 1 Apr 1996 07:44:59 -0500
>> Also how about the Fan Fiction around the net? 
>> I very much enjoyed "OH MY GOD" by Brett Handy.  What do the rest of you 
>> think of this or other Fan Fiction?  Those of you who haven't read it 
>> can download it from various places, including Peter Ward's Urd Shrine 
>> WWW page.
>Yep, I like "Oh, My God" and also "Growing Pains" (part 3 should come out 
>within a few days ^_^ Yatta!).

I think ranking the fan fiction might be something we can do.  Growing
Pains is wonderful, though reading it is like occasional kicks to the 
stomach (and I mean that in a good way).  I also enjoyed Scenes from a
Life and Oh My Devil Hunter.

And when do we see more of that Skuld/Dr. Who fanfic?  Just curious.

--Sean Gaffney
--"You git!  I thought you were dead!  Git git git!" - Benny, No Future

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