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date Sun, 31 Mar 1996 22:46:25 +0000
> Spending more talk on the manga sounds good to me.  Here in the U.S., Dark
> Horse is about to start the "Terible Master Urd" series, where Urd
> (temporarily?) goes to the dark side!
> Also how about the Fan Fiction around the net?  I very much enjoyed "OH MY
> GOD" by Brett Handy.  What do the rest of you think of this or other Fan
> Fiction?  Those of you who haven't read it can download it from various
> places, including Peter Ward's Urd Shrine WWW page.

Today would be a good day to visit the shrine again.  I added two more chapters
of Oh My God (#s 12 and 13), as well as the introduction to the upcoming sequel
to the fanfic series.  Other additions included two more chapters (#s 8 and 9) 
of my own series, Aa! Megami-sensei! and the third part of the ultimate 
crossover so far, The Surreal World.  Go check them out!

> On the subject of other Anime, I saw two fan subtitled episodes of "Magic
> Knights Rayerth (sic?)" at the last meeting of the local Anime club.  I liked
> it.  In it, three middle school girls are teleported from the Tokyo tower to a
> fantasy world where only they can defeat the evil forces and rescue the
> sacred, childlike princess (reminds me of the Never Ending Story movies).

Yup, there are few that can resist Magic Knight Rayearth.  Then again, there 
are many that want to hunt down and snuff out the plot device bunny from hell, 
Mokona >:-).  From what I understand, there are a lot of plot twists that await
the viewer...

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