Re[2]: Quiet Times

subject Re[2]: Quiet Times
date Sun, 31 Mar 96 22:52:55 MDT
Spending more talk on the manga sounds good to me.  Here in the U.S., = 
Dark Horse is about to start the "Terible Master Urd" series, where Urd = 
(temporarily?) goes to the dark side!
Also how about the Fan Fiction around the net?  I very much enjoyed "OH = 
MY GOD" by Brett Handy.  What do the rest of you think of this or other = 
Fan Fiction?  Those of you who haven't read it can download it from = 
various places, including Peter Ward's Urd Shrine WWW page.
     I rather like Brett Handy's first person narrative in his fan fiction 
     story, 'Oh My God!'  In addition, its rather bold of Mr. Handy to 
     assert that the goddess and gods are infact mortal beings (just harder 
     to kill).  This was rather unsettling from my perspective, as I 
     imagined the persons such as Belldandy, her sisters (as well as 'god 
     in training', "Brett" were more aliken to immortal "angels".  Oh 
     Another fan fiction I would highly recommend is Michael Yohe's 
     'Growing Pains' (can't wait for part three).  Also see Ed Sharpe's 'No 
     Mere Mortal' (which introduces Keiichi's cousin, Kenji, who is in 
     I have one request, does anyone have a copy of 'Back to Skuld' that 
     they can either post on the ML or e-mail direct, I would appreciate 
     it.  Until next time, Later  ^_^

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