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  On a different note in Afternoon they have been doing a lot of AMG 
doujin by various artists.
There was a big one this month with a lot of 4 panels

Dave M

On 9/26/2010 9:18 AM, Rax xar wrote:
> Which magazine is this from?
> any new story arc from the manga you guys get over there? I haven't heard from
> this ML in a while and I am excited about anything to do with AMG.
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> It seems there will be a new Aa Megami-sama anime coming out next year.
> There will be an original anime DVD (OAD) with volumne 42 of the manga,
> on sale 2011.02.23.
> A scan of the advertisement at the following.
>    http://livedoor.2.blogimg.jp/otanews/imgs/1/a/1aa3065d.jpg
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