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The current market is just not there to command a decent price for
anything.  Until the economy recovers, prices for stuff is going to
be on the low side when selling on eBay.

Back several years ago
when I had to sell several manga collections (and DVD ones) to help pay
medical bills, I sold most stuff as a collection just to be rid of it
all.  I sold a few manga titles individually and discovered that this
meant that some volumes sell slower than others.  ^_^; 

I were to go the individual route, I might try Amazon.com.  For an
entire set at once, I think eBay would be the better choice.


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> Hello All,
> After not
emailing to this mailinglist for several years (2006 was the
last time...) I must admid I have to ask a couple of awkward
> With pain in my heart I have to sell my
whole collection of Oh! My
> Goddess Dark Horse (loose comics)
editions, starting from issue #2 till
> the very end.
> I
always bagged them immediately after I read them and almost all of
> them are still in mint condition.
> First of
all: if you had to do the same: how would you deal with selling
your whole collection?
> Second of all: what would be a suitable
price for such a collection? Is
> there any demand for such
> I saw this ebay ad by someone else:

> Which is not nearly complete as mine and current bid is only 26
> My heart just sinks with the thought of this rock
bottom price!!
> At least thanks for hearing me
> Regards,
> Art (aka banpei)


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