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subject [megami:31520] Oh! My Goddess Color quesitons
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Hi all,

I just bought a copy of the "Oh! My Goddess Color"(http://www.darkhorse.com/Books/10-926/Oh-My-Goddess-Colors-TPB)

and come to think about it some of the questions in the "intro"
section was quite intriguing can anyone here with more knowledge of AMG
help out?

(might be paraphrasing here)

1)That monk who left for India and gave Belldandy and Keiichi the temple what happened
to him?

2)The spirit of the Earth who was "haunting" megumi's apartment what happened to him?

girl Satoko whom Otaki started going out with after she impressed his
dad what happened to her?(This one I am not familiar with or even
remember ever occurring)

4)That boy Sentaro who had a thing for Skuld what happened to him?

5) Is Keiichi getting taller? (meh not important and debateable)

the System force back in volume 1 work AGAINST Belldandy now
since....(this was the kicker.) <---have not idea why would it? Will
have to check the tech FAQ"

...BUT if I remember correctly the system force HELPS Belldandy be together with Keiichi,
am I missing something here?

glad that the ML is style sort of Alive...

"I don't know if something you like is suppose to be filled only with fun, but if
it's something you like, you won't ever come to hate it."---Belldandy

"There's not a day goes by I don't feel regret. Not because I'm in here, or because
you think I should. I look back on the way I was then: a young, stupid kid who committed
that terrible mistake. I want to talk to him. I want to try and talk some
sense to him, tell him the way things are. But I can't. That kid's long gone and this
old man is all that's left. I got to live with that."---Red


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