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subject [megami:31510] latest issue of Afternoon
date Thu, 06 Nov 2008 19:15:27 -0500

Finally got a chance to look over the latest issue of Afternoon and 
follow the story a little.  It seems that the Coup is pretty final with 
the usurper trying to show up Hild by re-attempting her previously 
failed conquests of various AMG side characters (looks like we will 
seeing the "Queen" again).  Comic relief provide by Hild (in Tweeny age 
form) throwing a hissy fit and accompanying lightning bolt in the shop 
after some questions from Chiro.  Belldandy throws a ward just in time 
to prevent physical injury, but (of course the building is destroyed).  
After making sure everyone is OK, Belldandy does a quick restore just 
before the FD arrives because of the report of an explosion (puzzling 
the first responders).  Chihiro and Megumi are very dazed and confused 
(hey wasn't there a big flash and bang just earlier) and are left insde 
a building decorated for party wearing party hats and wondering what 
they were celebrating.  Belldandy and Keichii confront Hild who gives a 
sulky response outside of the building afterward.  It looks like the 
possessed mini car is showing up too.

Check out the Present and they are approx 4X6 repros of AMG afternoon 
covers in that hologram film...look kinda nice.

Dave M.

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