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subject [megami:31501] Re: end of "Trainee" arc on Afternoon
date Mon, 18 Aug 2008 21:15:27 +0800
mandalis wrote:
> The one real complaint I had was if we were to be treated with 
> the Goddesses as Maid Tai eye candy, please just don't make them tiny 
> corner panels at the end of the story.

There's a half page Belldandy in maid-fuku !  Maybe you cab
get more when the tankoubon comes out.

Jimmy C wrote:
 > Quick question: Are there any indications that AMG is taking a break
 > next issue?

Nope.  You will fins chapter 240 in the October issue (8/25).

 > I find it strange that they're not giving away any freebies with the
 > 20th anniversary chapter, but for the next 5 issues.

According to the liner notes at the last page of AMS, the 20th 
anniversary chapter will be in the November issue.  I assume it
means chapter 241.

'CuSO4' Yung

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