[megami:31496] Ah! I finally did it! And it has been SO LONG!

to megami@usagi.org
from Dennis Goens II <grrdraxin_r@yahoo.com>
subject [megami:31496] Ah! I finally did it! And it has been SO LONG!
date Sat, 5 Jul 2008 16:24:03 -0700 (PDT)
I've finally watched ALL of the AMG TV series. I knew waiting to watch the 
whole thing would pay off. And I just bought the last DVD of it only about 
a month and a half ago. Ah, I just loved the last episode of the "amplified
 I Love You" thing taking Belldandy off guard, not once, but a few times.
=0A=0AI'd say that's an accomplishment. I figured it's about time I made my
 presence felt again, as the list has been silent for about 3 or 4 months n
ow.  =0A=0AI miss the good ol' days when this list was exchanging several d
ozen messages per day. It's hard to imagine being a part of this list's mem
bership for about 12 years now. But I wonder when we will have to say goodb
ye to this list. I'm sure most everyone here has other ways of getting thei
r AMG info and fixes now, and this list did have itself a good run back bef
ore things like Google or Wikipedia came along. But now, things have change
d, we've all grown up and moved on, and it looks like our once glorious Ah!
 My Goddess Mailing List has fallen to obscurity. =0A=0AI guess that this t
ext only form has run it's course now that broadband is firmly in place. I 
can't remember when we even had any new members, much less when we all had 
a serious discussion on here. But what I DO remember is looking forward to 
reading what was going on every so often, and inputting my thoughts to the 
topic at the time. Sometimes I wish it was easy to migrate technology from 
it's previous simpler form into it's more advanced look, but this list may 
not be able to being so old. =0A=0AOh, if our goddess Belldandy were here, 
I'm sure she'd say something similar. But it's not goodbye yet, and even th
ough we may or may not give much thought to this right this moment, I cheri
sh the time I've spent here with you all. I do also wish that when the time
 comes for this list to finally close, that we all be given the opportunity
 to collect it's memories in one heap file so we can look back with eyes fi
lled with nostalgia.=0A=0A...........=0A=0A=0AFarewell for now.=0A=0A ---
=0ADennis "GrrDraxin" Goens - The Lost God=0A"We are the Otaku. You will be
 animized  (anime-ized). Your visual=0Aand audible distinctiveness  will be
 added to our own. You will adapt=0Ato being collected and viewed by us. Re
sistance is unlikely (futile)."=0A--- Lord GrrDraxin=0ASig Revision version
 3.5 =0ACopyright =A9 1999-2008 GrrDraxin Industries=0A=0A=0A=0A      

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