[megami:31238] Re: What's your source of AMG info?

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from "Michael Lyon" <lyon_m@efn.org>
subject [megami:31238] Re: What's your source of AMG info?
date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 17:33:25 -0700 (PDT)
> What exactly was the problem with it?  I'm watching through what's been
> released here in the US, and it seems fine to me.  It might not jibe
> exactly with the manga, but it's worlds better than the OVA series.

I personally liked the OVA series very much. The OVA is still probably my
most favorite animation of AMG. I think perhaps the problem with the TV
series as well is just that it has been a long time coming. The manga has
been out a long time and only finally now there is a TV series. I think
partially for me the TV series has come a bit too late. Not that I don't
like it. I am enjoying it, but there are things about it that just weren't
done as well I would have hoped.

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