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date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 14:08:04 -0700 (PDT)
--- AstroNerdBoy <usr1054@astronerdboy.com> wrote:

> Bell: *Uses powers in public repeatedly in front of others*

Not only Bell, but Urd. Very odd.

> Sayoko and Aoshima gain the secrets to put Urd down, something
> previously known only to certain goddesses and demons like Mara.

Not only that, but Mara uses magical headphones which Urd can't
remove in time before the music knocks her out. It isn't like she
hears a few notes and keels over. Urd always has time to try
countermeasures before succumbing. That whole plotline was
unbelievable for someone familiar with the manga.

> Fujishima-sensei has his characters wear some beautiful outfits in
> the manga.  In the anime, changing clothing is mostly unheard of. 
> So Belldandy wears the same thing over and over and over again. 
> Why?  I mean if an older series like "Cardcaptor 
> Sakura" could easily have characters wearing multiple outfits per
> episode, why couldn't the "AMG" TV-series?  Unexcusable. 

I noticed this right off, as well. Since when do any of the goddesses
wear the same mortal-looking outfit for more than a day? Easy to do,
and a hallmark of the series. As you say, inexcusable.

Some of the anime episodes have improved upon the manga, but overall
I have more reasons to jeer than to cheer.

Brian Welch


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