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And so the second series starts. Not to most interesting episode to begin a
new series on, more filler than anything else, as all the data regarding
contracts has been destroyed in the Lord of terror incident, and Keiichi
can't remember the exact wording he used when the original contract with
Belldandy was made. 
The animation is of good quality, about par for the course for a high
quality 1st series, so it is nice to see that the second Goddess series is
being treated well.
The Op is nice with Hild and Noble Scarlet making a showing. Hope we get to
see more of those two in this series.
Overall, nice to see, but a little too slushy in places, something I feel
the manga never really descends too.

Dave Ross (long time since I last posted on this ML ^_^)

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> AnimeNewsNetwork is reporting that Afternoon magazine has announced a 
> 2nd "Ah! My Goddess" series to start in early 2006.
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