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date Wed, 8 Oct 2003 03:25:51 +0800
> The fact that Bell genuenly loves K1 will just prove further K1's
> worthyness of Bell and maybe even ascending to godhood himself in time.
> He may have to live out the rest of his mortal life on earth, but after
> he dies, he may just be reincarnated as a god and reunited with
> Belldandy for your classical "And they lived happily ever after..."
> ending.
I think the likeliness of K1 ascending to godhood is remote. On the
otherhand, Bell has not once said K1 is the "most impt thing in her life"
and she's willing to sacrifice anything for him. So I'll be betting that
she'll be somehow stripped of her title to become a normal girl. And they'll
live happily ever after....then we'll have little K1's and little bells and
Skuld and urd would occasionally drop by to visit their nephews and nieces.

But this theory has a major flaw.... where would holybell go? *sweatdrops*


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