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subject Re: AMS has grown up
date Tue, 7 Oct 2003 08:49:25 -0700 (PDT)
Actually it started back in 1988, so it's been running for about 15
years now. With the way things look now, it may be possible for AMG to
continue to it's satisfying ending within the next 5 years. I like AMG
and all but there comes a point when things draw out too long. If AMG
should make it beyond my 5 year estimate, then it will start suffering
the DBZ syndrome; no definate end, and lots of loose ends yet to

K1's parents must somehow find out that Belldandy and her sisters are
indeed divine beings. I think the way they will see it would be like
marrying off the daughter to a very wealthy man or world leader. I'll
bet that they'll faint when they truely believe Bell is a goddess, and
a high ranking one too!

Should the parents decide that they want to hear all the stories of K1
proving his manhood to these goddesses, Bell would tell them of the
many times that he has taken action against overwhelming odds and still
came out on top, his massive divine potential, and the good deeds he
has done for the goddesses and other people and/or entities. 

The fact that Bell genuenly loves K1 will just prove further K1's
worthyness of Bell and maybe even ascending to godhood himself in time.
He may have to live out the rest of his mortal life on earth, but after
he dies, he may just be reincarnated as a god and reunited with
Belldandy for your classical "And they lived happily ever after..."

Who knows, we will have to wait and see, I guess.
That's it for now.

--- sl <> wrote:

> I guess a natural progress towards the wedding would be good, but i
> wonder
> how long before that happens? AMS manga is kinda long running
> considering
> its been around since the early 90s? I think I started in 93. I hope
> it
> doesn't become too longish anyways. But as said earlier I really
> missed the
> "fun" atmosphere of the earlier chapters eg. when skuld was the brat
> and
> would invent lotsa gadgets. It just "feels different" nowadays, maybe
> its
> also me myself having matured thus seeing it in a different light.
> regards, sl.

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