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date Tue, 7 Oct 2003 08:53:14 +0800

> I'd compare Ranma 1/2, which had an episodic plotline, a vague sense of
> time, and an unresolved ending, with Maison Ikkoku, which had a
> progressive plotline, a fairly consistent sense of time, and
> a satisfying ending. Both by the same author, though for different
> manga markets (MI ran in "Big Comic Spirits", as I recall, aimed at an
> older audience than "Shounen Sunday".)
Ranma was more of a comedy charade type of anime, so it was ok for it not to
have a definite ending. While MI was a romance, therefore it needed a
acceptable ending. I'm still wondering how the current Inuyasha will end

> I've been thinking that it looked like AMS was being eased into
> an orderly ending.  I'd hoped for a while that the AMS manga would
> include a wedding, but I'd expected that would be the likely end
> of the story: not because there was no more story to tell but,
> because it would represent a big enough change that "Afternoon"
> wouldn't want to run the story for the same market. But I'd
> be happy to be surprised, by a story that had a wedding and kept
> going.
I guess a natural progress towards the wedding would be good, but i wonder
how long before that happens? AMS manga is kinda long running considering
its been around since the early 90s? I think I started in 93. I hope it
doesn't become too longish anyways. But as said earlier I really missed the
"fun" atmosphere of the earlier chapters eg. when skuld was the brat and
would invent lotsa gadgets. It just "feels different" nowadays, maybe its
also me myself having matured thus seeing it in a different light.

regards, sl.

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