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subject AMS has grown up
date Tue, 7 Oct 2003 05:07:20 +0800
hi all:
I just saw the latest afternoon issue images by Sylvain (thanks!) and can't
help feeling that in the last few years, the manga has sorta "grown up".

Ever since Keiichi left university, the issues and various arcs explored are
no longer the comedy and regular type as we've been accustomed to the
earlier books. E.g. as compared to other mangas such as Love Hina, or even
Fujishima's earlier YUA; AMS in recent years does seemed to take on a more
mature slant.

There are still some ecchiness involved yea, and its still a pleasure to
read the manga. But the story line sometimes take on serious issues (good or
bad?) and the recent arcs seem to focus on angels-goddesses vs evil -- I
just feel they are overkill.

This coupled with the change in drawing style (the characters are drawn
closer, bigger frames, simplified lines, and alot less background
detail).....sometimes just make me feel a sense of nostalgia for the earlier
books. I miss the stories like Belldandy getting drunk and granting wishes
randomly, or the one where K1 met up with a ghost waiting for his gradpa...
nowadays i just don't find the storeis as "fun" anymore.

Comments/thoughts anyone?


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