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date Tue, 9 Feb 1999 16:04:50 -1000
Well, the appliances show much about the characters of the three
Goddesses. I'm sure Belldandy uses a broom to clean the house, humming
merrily, and actually enjoying the chore and the clean house afterwards,
taking her time to make sure everything is really clean. It is hard to
imagine Urd doing housework ("Am I supposed to find fullfillment in
domestic chores?"), but if forced to do so, she would run through the
house with a vacuum cleaner, and then continue to watch her TV show.
Skuld would inprove the broom into a fully automatic self-programming
housecleaning device that would probably end up putting Keiichi's
homework in the trashbin (In the manga, Skuld build a cleaning version
of Banpei).

Bas P. Suverkropp
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