Re: Autoreply annoyance

from Kenji Shimizu <>
subject Re: Autoreply annoyance
date Wed, 10 Feb 1999 07:30:21 +0900
Andreas Dombrowsky wrote:
> "NOYES, CRAIG" schrieb:
> > Hey!  Can we do something about this autoreply, it's flooding my mailbox
> > and my account.
> Just create a filter, have it moved to the trash and ignore it. And, could
> someone tell CuSO4, preferably not by e-mail, he's flooding us with this
> stuff?
>             Andi

I don't have Cuso4's number... I guess I'll ask my frined for it...
Also, trying to call hitoshi now....... (hope he's awake by now...) (got
to ask him to ban that address temporary...)

Kenji Shimizu
Posting on thie ML won't hurt anymore, cause it's gone crazy on his

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