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Tony wrote:
> 1.  In the video intro, Belldandy is riding a broom and Urd is riding a
> vacuum cleaner.  Shouldn't this be the other way around?

Ah, yes, another of the unsolved mysteries of the AMS (or OMG if you're looking
at the Animeigo version ^_^) universe.  The general consensus as I understand 
it is that the things they're riding upon are a reflection of their 
personalities rather than their domains.  

Think of it this way.  Kami-sama/Fujishima-sensei says "I want you three 
goddesses to all ride brooms in the opening scene of the OAV."

Belldandy, of course, rides a broom.  "But I can't leave Keiichi!  After all, I
have a contract to stay with him forever.  I'm sure they will understand..."

Urd picks up the broom.  "Yuck!  How domestic!  Hey, look!  There's a vacuum 
cleaner!  It's a cleaning device just like a broom..."
Skuld picks up the broom.  "How boring.  I bet I could make some improvements.
Maybe a ramjet or at least a turbofan..."

Voila!  We have the opening scene!

Kami-sama/Fujishima-sensei shakes his head.  "They've done it to me again..."

Brian Welch


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