Re: Sunflowers And Belldandy.

from Lin Chaohong <>
subject Re: Sunflowers And Belldandy.
date Tue, 09 Feb 1999 17:16:24 +0800
Thanks but it's alright already.

One of the Megami List members, Craig Noyes (,
has sent me the image already.

Yeah, I gotta tell the world how excellent the members of the Megami
List is. No vulgarities (because Belldandy wouldn't like it), not much
flame wars (I sat through some flame wars in the ML in the years of 1996
and 1997)... it's a most excellent ML... even Belldandy would approve.

Then again, I, somehow, get the idea of us being a group of gentlemen.


Art wrote:
> >> I can scan it if you want! (Not on 800x600 because the image doesn't
> allow
> >> it!)
> >Are you talking about scanning from the postcard? I have that, but I
> >just don't have a scanner. ;_;
> I'll see if I can put it under my scanner. I'll scan it tonight.
> Mazzel! Art
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