[AMS] Re: Devil in Miss Urd #4 - Error in Translation?

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subject [AMS] Re: Devil in Miss Urd #4 - Error in Translation?
date Sun, 07 Feb 1999 00:17:54 -0500
What in god's name... Okay, DH is going from bad to worse.

Brian Welch wrote:

> In the DH version, in the 4th panel of page 16 Devil Urd says "You can 
> ward off an Urd bolt

...Urd Bolt? They are REALLY letting themselves to wild. Should this
even be CONSIDERED a translation?

> even when I have your powers sealed."  My question is when did she seal
> Belldandy's powers?

Well, in a word, she didn't. It's a wrong translation. The line actually
says "...even with your power sealed." (I am doing this from memory, but
this is pretty much it). The seal refers to her earring (left?right? I
can't remember... The side with long chain), which supposedly limits her
powers. See the whole Terrible Master fiasco for details.

> Similarly, in the first panel of the next page (17 or
> 23), Devil Urd asks Belldandy "What will you do now?  Break my seal?"  Why
> would Belldandy want to break Devil Urd's seal, since that would only make
> her stronger?

Once again, seal refers to Belldandy's. What in god's name they are
doing messing around translation like that I have no idea. There should
be a limit on the amount of alcohol these guys can consume. I shudder to
think what else could have caused them to do this.

> Now, my Japanese reading ability is admitedly terrible, but I had assumed
> Devil Urd was saying something along the lines of "...when YOU have your
> powers sealed." and "...Break YOUR seal?"


> Is this an error in translation, or did SP get the translation right?

To sum up... You're right. They are wrong. Give yourself a pat in the
back. ^_^

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