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> Subject: Re: hello?
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> >is anybody out there?
> No. I am on sabattacal, fasting and meditating in preperation for AWA 4.

Fine. I might suggest, however, that you bring your own beer supply like
cousin is doing, as the hotel practices pure, out and out, piracy in the
downstairs bar. The breakfast buffet is no great bargain, either.

> -->this message brought to you by Brian's automated reply program,
> faithlessly replying to his messages until regains insanity.
> Brian P. Henson
> Application for Manager of Nekomi Tech's Women's Volleyball Team pending...

I heard Megumi herself turned you down, despite Belldandy's pleas for
understanding. ^_^

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I'll be looking for you at AWA. If, Brian, you're not at the hotel, look
me up
in my room under "Chris Jefferson". And when you visit our room, please
the Urd Blow-Up Doll in the corner. That will only be a figment of your

Be Seeing You,


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