Re: AMG! Artbook {?}

from Kenji Shimizu <>
subject Re: AMG! Artbook {?}
date Sun, 04 Oct 1998 02:49:20 +0900
Christian, Jennifer, and Danielle wrote:
> Kenji-sama.
> Perhaps you could snag a ISBN off the next one you see, so that those of
> us in the backwoods of Nippon could try and order it.  Onegaishimasu.

 ...I've burried it somewhere in my room... but I think CuSO4 picked it
up last time he was in TKO.... (and he always has his stuff organized...
 The ISBN number is the same (should be... or very similar) to the old
ones.... just the version is different... (I'd guess.... usualy, they
are the same for comic books... I might be wrong... cold someone
re-confirm this, please?)

Kenji Shimizu

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