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subject Chibi Megami cards
date Sun, 04 Oct 1998 00:50:53 +0900
Kombanwa Minna-san,

    I was so happy yesterday.  My local Animedic finally got in a [1]
box of the New Chibi Megami cards by Broccoli.

    I was egstatic when after opening up half the packs I only needed 8
commons, 1 rare and 3 specials to complete my set.

A pack contains 7 commons and a rare card.  There's a 1 in 8 chance of
there being a special instead of a common.
There are 72 commons, 9 rares and 5 specials.
The commons are grouped in blocks of 9 from a single episode and it
would appear that ratty gets abused every episode.  I can't wait to see
them...but I have to. Bummer

The Specials are Mirror foils of great quality.   Belldandy, ? K1, URD,
? Skuld, and Ratty.

Packs are $2.75 each, and a box is $64.50, but I don't recommend the box
unless you have a friend to dump the nearly complete 2nd set upon.

And oh god! was I pissed off when after having opened up the other half
of the box I found I was still missing 8 commons.
I need:
S2 and S4
R6 times two on this row.

I have a ton of singles for 25 cents each.  Please trade with me.


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