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date Sat, 03 Oct 1998 16:15:36 +0900
> Andreas Dombrowsky wrote:
> >A goddess in general certainly. These particular three are quite a bit
> harder
> >to imagine with short hair. As it has come up anyway, is it my imagina
> or
> >is Skuld wearing the hairdo of a certain "Bunny" in Vol. 14?
> Chapter 79?  That was my first impression as well (oh, the horror!), 
> then I realized that her hair was much closer to Chun Li style, which 
> Skuld's personality better!  Those are fabric buns, after all.

Good call my man.  You have good taste.  And if anyone mentions Sakura 
from SF 0, I'm going to scream.

> Can you imagine what Sailor Moon would have been like if Skuld had play
> the role of Usagi?
> Brian Welch

No comment.  Well, maybe.  I think the team dynamics (of what little ther
e may have been) would have been completely destroyed.  Come on, we'd see
 Skuld go,"  Bampei-kun Gun Cannon mode, mark 2, attack!" and everyone 
would be toast.


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